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Sunday @ King's Church

God first - it's not about 'me'

Moving to a new venue means we can be a bit different in our style on a Sunday.

We worship - putting God first!


We have teaching and encouragement from God's Word - so that we all grow in our faith and our life with Jesus.

We make room for the Spirit to minister - after all, it's also about what He wants to do in us.

We have a very strong sense of being a family....but looking for the family to grow.


But primarily...our time together is about Him.

God is first and centre.


Our 'style'

Although it's a more traditional style building (for us) we are srtill able to do this in a cafe style  - with tea and coffee served throughout the morning if you want.


We sit around tables rather than in lines of chairs so you can see everyone rather than just the back of the person in's better for sensing we are together as a family.

So it's not formal as we want people to experience being together, not just by themselves.

Faith is personal...but church has family written all over it.

About Him & making Him known

life in the Spirit.jpg

Worship in spirit and truth

We want to help make Jesus accessible to all - but not lose the focus of our gathering.....which is not us, but God!

We encourage people to get involved -  to be active and express their joy and love for God.


We encourage everyone to find a way of serving the wider family, and the vision of the church.


Our worship "style" - 

You can dance, kneel, stand or sit during the worship.


The important thing is that our worship comes from our hearts and that we enjoy the freedom to express our worship - together.


Sometimes we use a guitar for the music , sometimes we use an ipod!!


We encourage people to share a prayer or read some Bible verses to help us in our worship - everyone can participate.

Good food to grow on

We place high importance in good biblical teaching. 


We want to become mature in our faith, and able to grow in all aspects of our relationship with Jesus.

We like to teach our way through the scriptures. Or expand a particular theme from scripture. 

During the summer we often get different members of the King's

family to open up a Psalm to us.


Giving the Spirit space

We place high importance in giving the Spirit space amongst us.

The Spirit ministers and we desire to know and experience everything that He wants for us to know and experience.

By the Spirit we can minister to each other during the morning. It may be a word of encouragement or challenge, it could be the opportunity to receive prayer, it could be to bring scripture that particularly impacts an individual or the whole church family.

Our children

We love the children. We want them to be as valued and important as any other member of the family. We endeavour to nurture their sense of belonging, and their love for Jesus. We have a children's session during our morning, where they are encouraged to learn about, and experience, Jesus in their lives.

We don't see this as a 'child-care service', so we expect our parents to get involved too (often on a rota'd basis), and we expect the parents to be nurturing faith at home too. We don't place all responsibility for our children's faith on their Sunday time.

We are family...

If your looking for a church family where you will be valued, and encouraged, stretched to grow in faith and where the goal is to become the kind of church that Jesus had in mind to build.....come and visit.


We know we are NOT the finished article...we know we are a work in progress.


But we have a desire to allow God to make us all that He wants us to be, and to bring Him all the praise He is worthy to recieve, and to do His will in this area and town.

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