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Our thinking about giving

“Why do we need to

understand giving ?”

Because the Bible speaks

about it quite a lot.

Here is a presentation of what we understand are the biblical principles and application of giving in a new testament Church. Please click on the graphic below.

kings giving logo.jpg

Giving @ King's

Giving money to churches has often become an issue for people.


We don't feel it should be.

So we have prepared a presentation to give clarity on what we mean and what we don't mean @ King's.

The Bible talks a lot abut giving.

It talks a lot about all that God has given to us.

It also talks about what we give and what is the manner and spirit of our giving.

The main things are that our giving should be in good spirit, with joy and willingness and in a planned and proportionate way.

We do not teach some might want to do more than that.

If you have any questions please to someone in leadership. We don't want money to become an issue for anyone.

The practical stuff

We can help with giving you the  church bank details, there are Gift Aid forms that can be used (if you are a tax payer).

 If you have some financial problems or debts, then please speak to one of the kmac team

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